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Winners in the field and the show ring around the world.
Check back into your pedigrees and you may well find one of the dogs pictured  described below or one of their littermates.
In this 1970 photograph, from left to right are:
SEDEKI BIN who was 10 months old
(a littermate to British, Irish, Canadian & American Champion Sedeki Barre);
British Champion SEDEKI MAZURI BADAHAH at 6 years of age;
British Champion SEDEKI SABATASHAR, 3 year old son of Badshah/Varah; at Don Weiden's feet is his first Saluki SEDEKI MAZURI RASMUS, at 10; SEDEKI BAL, another from the "B" litter;
Sedeki's first smooth SEDEKI MAZURI VARAH, pictured at 8;
her smooth Badshar daughter SEDEKI TALATA, at 4.

Always striving for "Temperament… reserved… not nervous or aggressive", the classic "Head… stop not pronounced…", with the well filled in "Forequarters… not an inverted V… " and parallel movement coming and going along with "reach" and "drive".
All dogs are tattooed and registered.

Don Wieden or Frank Farrar
The Station House,
Berrington on Eye,
Near Leominster,
Telephone : 01568-614757